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VoIP Phone Service and Devices

Advantages & Benefits of VoIP Devices Over Traditional Devices:


Cut down your budget to a fraction of the cost of PSTN services.

Forge your hometown identity.
  • Drowning in overpriced landline bills? It doesn’t take much to make your bills skyrocket when you’re paying by the minute. With VoIP services, slash your monthly phone cost to 40-60% of your current bill.
  • Local and national calls are part of a flat monthly rate. You pay no additional fees, no matter how many calls you send and receive.
  • Affordable international calling packages can be added at any time to your plan. Choose the package that fits your needs, whether you call overseas rarely or every day.
  • Devices are simple and easy-to-setup. Landline phones require installation by a professional, but you can set up VoIP devices on your own. Your whole office can be up and ready to go with VoIP service in just a day or two.
Manage all of your communications on whichever devices you choose.
  • Access all of your voice calls, SMS messages, faxes, and more on your preferred device. Switch between devices and access the same inforanamation on one cloud-based account.
  • If you utilize a headset or your mobile device for VoIP service, you may never have to return another voicemail again. Answer calls wherever you are, instantly.
  • VoIP-enabled phones can be programmed to ring on your mobile device when someone calls. Choose the device that works best at the time the call is received. Enjoy flexible communication options for you and your employees.
Increase your mobility by allowing all of your business communication services—voice, SMS, and even fax–to go anywhere you go.
  • Landline phones require that you be in one location to send and receive your calls. With VoIP, you can take calls from any configured device, no matter where you are. You also have many options when it comes to devices if your employees do most of their work from the office. The sky’s the limit.
  • Today’s professionals deal with jam-packed schedules, no matter the industry they work in. Phone calls can often turn into a not-so-entertaining game of phone tag. With Call Ocean’s VoIP service, you won’t have to wait by your desk phone ever again.
  • Calls can be transferred between devices for maximum flexibility. All voicemails and SMS are available in yo
  • ur account at any time.
Continue to do business the way that works for you—while enjoying the many benefits of VoIP service.
  • VoIP enabled devices, such as desk phones and handsets, allowing you and your employees to take advantage of all of the benefits of VoIP service while using technology that they’re used to. Some devices have added features that fully embrace the additional features of VoIP.
  • Whether you’re on board for upgrading your office phones to those enabled for VoIP service, or you’d prefer to use the devices you already have, there’s a solution for your company. Setting up your device is hassle-free and fast.
  • Call Ocean’s top-rated VoIP services are available via apps for your desktop and mobile devices, so you can make and receive calls in a way that completely eliminates the need for hard phones and devices if you prefer.

Types of VoIP Devices Call Ocean Supports

Desk Phones
  • A desk phone (part of a category referred to as “hard phones”) is a corded telephone set up in one place in your office. Traditional desk phones hook up to PTSN or private branch exchange (PBX) systems, both of which can produce significant bills due to the communication needs of modern businesses.
  • VoIP-enabled desk phones look like PSTN phones, but they are instead connected to your company’s VoIP network. VoIP desk phones are usually equipped with many additional features, such as voicemail, call forwarding, and more.
Conference Phones
  • Conference phones are based around speakerphone features that allow multiple people to be heard at the same time without distortion and are manufactured with a focus on audio quality.
  • While most conference phones run on PTSN systems, new models are being produced that run on VoIP networks. Businesses can take advantage of the cost savings and robust benefits of VoIP service during meetings, conference calls, and other collaboration opportunities.
  • Conference phones allow every employee to have his or her say when it counts, and by using a VoIP service provider, the benefits of clear call quality and perfect reception ensure an uninterrupted exchange of ideas.
Cordless Phones
  • Cordless phones are a type of traditional phone that is now being utilized for VoIP services. Cordless phones allow you the freedom of mobility while still using a standard phone for communication. You are limited to the range of the phone system, so this type of phone is generally preferred for an office setting where greater mobility is desired.
VoIP Headsets
  • A VoIP headset allows the wearer to communicate without using his or her hands, increasing productivity. If you or the employees at your company regularly field many calls during the course of your business day, a VoIP headset can be a valuable investment to optimize your workflow.
  • Wireless headsets allow you not only freedom for your hands to do other things but also increased mobility around the office.
  • Handset lifters can be employed that allows you to answer and hang up calls from the device. Even if you spend a lot of time away from your desk, you can initiate or end conversations immediately.
  • Calls can be transferred over to other VoIP-enabled devices on the same line without being dropped.
Analog Adapters
  • Analog adaptors convert a VoIP signal to allow it to connect with a traditional analog phone. These adapters also work with most fax machines. With analog adaptors, the need to replace all of your existing devices to use VoIP is reduced or eliminated.
  • If you’re looking to save money on your communication bills without replacing your phones or fax machines, analog adaptors may be the right choice.
  • Using analog adaptors to convert existing phones to be able to use VoIP service may be preferred by those who want to keep the devices they’re accustomed to.
Desktop Soft Phones
  • A “softphone” refers to a desktop computer or laptop that utilizes software to send and receive calls. The speakers and microphone built into your computer allow you to communicate with your caller.
  • Using the existing computers and mobile devices already utilized by your employees can eliminate the need for additional devices. Many people have found, especially at small organizations, that no dedicated devices are needed.

VoIP devices offer many benefits over traditional landline-enabled devices for businesses wanting to step up their communication game. Contact Call Ocean today for more information about our cost-effective, feature-rich VoIP services.

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