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Phone System Features

Add and customize phone system features to your CALL OCEAN account in real-time.
There’s no equipment to manage. No wait times. No contracts. No hassle. Want to try?
Sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial, and take CALL OCEAN for a spin.

Assign an Auto Attendant to answer an individual’s phone calls and give callers options. For example, “Sorry I could not answer the phone, press 1 to leave me a voicemail, press 2 to try my cell phone, or press 3 to reach our Support Team.”
Create a voicemail box for users and groups of users. Users can listen to a voicemail-to-email .wav attachment, call the Call Ocean voicemail system with their extension and PIN, or listen to voicemail in the Call Ocean app browser interface.
Do you have lots of users and devices you need to make calls from? Great! Calls between your locations and devices associated with your phone system are unlimited. Our systems are flexible to meet your business needs.
Use groups to efficiently handle calls amongst a team or department. Set a group ring strategy for your sales team so calls can be managed across the whole team. Your leads will never reach a voice mailbox again.

Call Ocean Phone Solutions

Freedom. Call Ocean lets you choose any standard SIP (VoIP) phone, and we don’t lock them with proprietary software.If you have phones, bring them. If you don’t, we’ll help you get them. Mix and match desk phones and softphones if you like.The phones are yours. Oh, and we offer a free web phone. Carpe diem.

About Desk Phones

Call Ocean works with any SIP standard desk phone. If you don’t already have phones, we’ll help. Phone setup is easy with the Call Ocean boot server— just a few clicks in the Admin Portal. Plus, we offer a getting started phone promo credit for new customers. Polycom, Panasonic, Grandstream, Cisco SPA, Yealink and many more!

About The Call Ocean App

Work away from your desk without missing a beat, or replace your desk phone entirely. The Call Ocean app provides access to your business-grade phone system that runs in the cloud.Manage multiple calls, transfer, mute, extension dial, etc.Video chat anyone from your custom contact list.Make secure (100% encrypted) calls to other app users.Gather intelligence on your caller to drive value in every exchange.

About Mobile Call Ocean

Work on the go with a SIP mobile app on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Simply download the app that you like best (we recommend Zoiper softphone apps), and setup with your Call Ocean user credentials. When you run the app, your device will act just as your desk phone.Stay connected with simultaneous ring when your business number or extension is dialed.Extension dial your coworkers and On Net Conference Suites for free.Maintain your office caller ID when making outbound calls.Listen to crystal-clear HDvoice over your WiFi connection.Put calls on hold, transfer calls, and 3-way dial just as you do in the office.Take advantage of video calling, chat, and presence with select applications.

About Call Ocean Click-to-Call

Boost conversions and customer satisfaction with click-to-call— instant engagement from your website to your sales and support agents.Let your website visitors seamlessly click to call your business from their browser.Make lasting impressions with customers over HD video chat.Generate as many Click-to-Call buttons as you like with a few clicks.Let callers skip the phone tree to the right call group, queue, or agent they need.Empower your sales and support team with real-time data, such as the caller’s webpages viewed or shopping cart contents.

About Caller Queues

How efficiently does your organization handle calls from prospects and customers? Let the Caller Queue Dashboard show you. Gain the confidence to make informed decisions on staffing and training your sales and support teams.View the status of your agents and callers.Run reports on wait times and agent performance.Learn your peak calling hours. Monitor calls, barge, or whisper with a click.

About CALLOCEAN Business VoIP CRM Integration Partners

Enhance productivity by integrating your CALL OCEAN business phone system with your customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.


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