3-way calling via Call Ocean’s VoIP service allows you to connect with two important parties at once.

There are many potential situations that can arise during the course of your business day that require you to speak with two different parties to gain information, check the status of urgent matters, or connect the dots of an issue. 3-way calling allows you to save time and increase your efficiency, integrated with Call Ocean’s other calling features.

Having to play an endless game of tag between multiple parties can be a significant drain on your productivity. 3-way calling can eliminate this inconvenience by allowing direct communication between interested parties easily. Connect with two parties simultaneously, allowing everyone to hear and speak with one another. Incoming calls can also be turned into 3-way calls, for example, if an unsatisfied customer requests that a manager join the call.

3-way calling is always available so there’s no need to schedule a call in advance. It’s one of the many features offered by Call Ocean that allow you to take your business’s communication by the reigns, enhancing the way that you work instead of impeding it. 3-way calling is a standard part of Call Ocean’s business packages.

Advantages and Benefits of VoIP 3-Way Calling

3-way calling is available from any device with Call Ocean’s service, including your smartphone.
  • There is no additional cost for 3-way calling, as it’s a part of Call Ocean’s bundle of business communication services. There are no additional fees to complicate your monthly bill, no matter how much you use the service.
  • Whether you’re speaking with someone and need to bring another relevant person onto the call, or you want to touch bases with two parties at once so that everyone has their say, 3-way calling makes it effortless.
  • Connect with two parties as soon as you need to, increasing productivity down the line and allowing for the free exchange of information and direct feedback.
Each person on the call can hear both separate parties.
  • Employees in the same office can easily collaborate without having to leave their desks, improving their productivity and maintaining focus. Distant collaborators can link together without having to travel.
  • One person can leave the call without disrupting additional communication between the two other members. This is true even if neither remaining party initiated the call.
  • Effective when you need to connect between certain members of a team without having to involve the rest. Private information is protected from anyone overhearing.
Easy and intuitive to use.
  • There’s no learning curve, whether you’ve previously used 3-way calling or you’ve never heard of it before. You can upgrade any current two-party call to include a third person with a few clicks on your phone.
  • Calls can be started or ended at any time. Parties on the other end merely have to hang up their phone to exit from the call. You will still be able to remain on the line with the other person.
  • There is no complicated process to learn, which cuts down on any potentially embarrassing or frustrating errors. The people you’re speaking to don’t have to do anything but answer their phone to be included in the 3-way call.

VoIP 3-Way Calling Details and F.A.Q.s: