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Voicemail to Email

Call Ocean voicemail to email sends important messages from your voicemail account to your email account, keeping vital information front and center.

It’s not always convenient to access your voicemail box. We understand that. You might be in a meeting, or commuting to or from the office. You might be working late in your home office. Still, that’s no reason to miss an important message. Our voicemail to email feature ensures that you never miss a business-critical call again.

You receive a notification about voicemail messages on any email-enabled device – your smartphone, tablet and laptop, for instance. You can choose to log into the system to listen to your voicemails, but they are also attached to the email notification as audio files. Just play them on your device and then respond. It’s even possible to set it up so that faxes come through as emails, so you never miss any form of communication.

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Advantages and Benefits of Voicemail to Email:

Get instant notification of communications and never get left out of the loop again.
  • Configure your setup so that you get email and fax notifications delivered right to your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) so that you never miss another business-critical communication again.
  • Choose to receive your voicemails delivered to your email account as audio files, or have them automatically transcribed so that you can read them rather than listening to them.
  • Set custom notifications so that different alerts go to different team members or office staff. For instance, you can set it up so that fax alerts go to whomever handles your documentation, while missed main office calls would go to your receptionist.
Reduce the number of saved messages in your account to save space and sanity.
  • We store your voicemails for up to 90 days, but too many saved messages can make navigating your mailbox difficult. Voicemail to email messages can be marked as read, saving you space.
  • While we’ll save your messages for 90 days, sometimes that may not be long enough. Save audio files delivered to your email forever and never worry that they might be deleted.
  • Save visual transcriptions of your voicemails as email attachments and delete them from your main account.
Keep everyone in the loop on business-critical communications.
  • Forward any voicemail email to another team member for follow up, clarification or other tasks, ensuring that you stay on the ball.
  • Set customizable alerts for each user so that no one is confused about which message is for whom or who is supposed to respond to what.
  • Boost response times by ensuring that voicemails are always available, even after standard business hours.

Voicemail to Email Details and FAQs:

Can I have my voicemails sent to my email address as text files rather than as audio files?
  • Yes, we offer automatic transcription of voicemails to text, and they can be sent right to your inbox as an attachment so you can read rather than listen.
How many people can I set up custom alerts for?
  • You can set custom alerts for as many people as necessary. You can also set it so that all alerts go to all people in the system, or any other arrangement that might benefit your business.
Can I save audio and text files that come to my inbox longer than the 90 days the system stores the original voicemail?
  • Yes, you can save audio files and text sent from the Call Ocean voice to email program for as long as you want. Once they are in your inbox, they are no longer governed by the 90-day window like the original voicemail message.
Can I turn voicemail to email on and off from my account?
  • Yes, it’s simple to turn on/off any email so that you can get some time away from the business. Just make sure you’ve got someone lined up to take care of those messages while you’re on vacation.
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