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Unlimited Texting

Maximize the efficiency of your business communication with unlimited texting from Call Ocean.

Texting has revolutionized the way we communicate. Businesses have also shifted how they keep in touch, and up to 80% of employees utilize texting for business. That’s why Call Ocean offers unlimited business SMS as part of our communication solutions. Keep in constant contact without expensive phone bills. Whether you need to get a hold of a client fast, or collaborate on a project with your team, unlimited messaging grants you the freedom to exchange and receive information.

Stop leaving voicemails, playing phone tag, or wasting time drafting lengthy emails. Join businesses that are integrating texting into their day-to-day activities for barrier-free communication. SMS is the smart choice in our technology-drive, connection-based economy. Business SMS is integrated into the same app that you use for voice calls, so there are no additional programs to worry about.

Increase your accessibility and efficiency by sending and receiving as many messages as you and your staff need to. There are no extra fees or charges with Call Ocean’s unlimited cloud-based SMS service. In addition, your messages are always secure, so you can ensure your communication is protected. Enjoy unlimited opportunities to keep the conversation going when you sign up with Call Ocean.

Advantages and Benefits of Unlimited Texting:

Call Ocean offers unlimited texting at no additional cost as a part of our standard VoIP services.
  • The same number you use for voice calls also works for SMS messages, faxes, and more. You don’t have to give out multiple numbers. Streamline your communication and that of your team instead of splintering it between various methods and apps.
  • Send and receive as many texts as you need to any phone number in the US at no additional charge. No need to track the number of texts going in and out. Write up to 1000 characters per message.
  • Every extension on your Call Ocean account can participate in unlimited SMS messaging. Encourage fast communication between teams to brainstorm, share ideas, and clarify plans.
Send and receive texts easily using your desktop or smartphone.
  • Speed is a critical factor of a business’s success in today’s ever-changing economy. Business texting allows you to instantly communicate necessary information.
  • Manage your business communication in the way that works for you, integrated into your regular workflow. Whether you prefer using your computer or phone, you can choose the method that works best.
  • Rest assured that your messages are secure and confidential. Business SMS is sent over encrypted internet connections.
Collaborate with other members of the mobile generation.
  • With many employees taking their work on the go with them, the new frontier of employment involves desk-free jobs. No matter where your co-collaborators reside, keep in constant contact with them.
  • Texting is rapidly replacing email as the most preferred method of business communication. It’s easy to respond to clients and coworkers and convey information fast.
  • Keep business and personal texting separate. You never have to give out your personal cell phone number again.

Unlimited Texting Details and F.A.Q.s:

Will I receive push notifications when I get a text?
  • Yes, you will receive either a desktop alert or a notification on your mobile device every time you get a text so you never miss someone trying to contact you. You can also configure your settings so that you receive an email notification when you get a text.
How do I send texts using Call Ocean’s online service?
  • Simply sign in to your account to send a message.
Can any extension on my business phone line use business SMS?
  • Yes, every extension on your Call Ocean line can participate in sending and receiving text messages.
Can I send images or MMS?
  • Not at this time.
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