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Call Ocean unlimited talk toll-free numbers help your business sound a lot more professional.

Call Ocean toll-free numbers provide convenience to your customers so they can call your business free of charge. We provide toll-free numbers for 800, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888 ranges. We also provide vanity numbers to support your company name or brand, e.g 1-800-MY-COMPANY,  so you are easier to be remembered.

Call Ocean toll-free numbers have unlimited talking, unlimited minute plans available that unleashes your business to success. For smaller scale operations we do provide minute plans ranging from 1,000 to 150,000 minutes. You have option to auto replenish your minutes based on your preference.

To learn more about adding toll-free numbers or 800 numbers visit our Phone Numbers page here. (Phone Numbers page shows how easily you can add more or different phone numbers from within your Control Panel).

Advantages and benefits of toll-free numbers:

Transferring your existing numbers to more affordable plans has never been this easy before.

  • With our automated system, you will experience a quick and hassle-free transfer of your existing toll-free numbers from other providers to Call Ocean.
  • Call Ocean toll-free numbers have variety of very flexible pricing plans to allow you to configure one for every different need of your business. e.g lead tracking or advertising. We proudly provide unlimited toll-free plans.
  • Flexible configuration allows your business to scale up or down when needed. If you need more minutes than your current plan allows, you can dynamically get more or set to auto acquire more minutes to  eliminate service interruptions.

Get your place in your customers memory by custom vanity 800 numbers.

  • Search your business’s motto or name in Call Ocean vanity number network as easy as “8**-***-MAID” or select a good looking number from the inventory.
  • Make your brand remembered with 800-number services. Make it even easier for them to remember your company phone number.
  • Publish your easy to remember vanity number in your marketing campaigns to get more leads and for more successful results.

Connect with more customers by delivering professional service.

  • Appeal your customers by providing a 800 number, potential and existing customers can call your business from any where in the U.S without paying for toll charges.
  • Break barriers of your city or town and gain nationwide reach with 800 numbers immediately, there is no difference between you or your favorite airline company.
  • Configuration flexibility sets you free and as mobile you can be. Direct your incoming calls to where ever you are with answering rules and make calls from your 800 number as you wish from Call Ocean connected mobile app or a soft phone.
  • With the most competitive pricing, you can dedicate different 800 number for every need of your business which lets you track individual activity on your efforts.

Toll-Free Number Details and F.A.Qs:

Is there pricing difference if I use 800-number as my caller ID when making outgoing calls?

  • Absolutely not, it’s free. There’s no charge when you choose to display tour company name and phone number as your caller ID.

Can I transfer an existing 800 number to Call Ocean?

  • Yes, you can easily transfer a toll-free number you already have to your Call Ocean account. You can use our automated system within the Control Panel or we can assist you at every step.

How can I get a vanity 800 number?

  • You can search and request vanity numbers that best represents your company by using our vanity number page in the Control Panel. There’s an external setup fee for each vanity number. Feel free to contact our customer support for additional information about vanity numbers.

How are toll-free minutes priced?

  • Firstly, your callers never gets charged when they call your 1-800 number anywhere in the U.S. It’s charged to the destination, which is the owner of the number.
  • Depending on your toll-free plan, you are allowed to use an amount of incoming minutes. If you need to exceed the limit, you can get additional minutes or it can be done automatically for you via the Control Panel.
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