With one number you can have access to VoIP on several devices at once.

Make it easy to answer calls, no matter how busy your business is at any particular time. One toll-free number is shared across multiple hard phones in your business setting. Call Ocean’s shared lines feature is particularly suited for certain types of businesses, such as retail stores and restaurants, to improve their ability to integrate customer communication into their busy workflow.

Prompt customer service is an important factor in any business’s communication profile, but it’s not always easy. Whether you’re attending to another customer’s concerns at the moment, or you’re in the middle of making a sale, the shared lines feature allows multiple phones to answer incoming calls from one line. Anyone on the floor can be tasked with answering the phone, increasing efficiency.

Missing a call can lead the customer on the other end to feel unheard, frustrated—and maybe even to turn to the competition to fulfill their needs. Never miss a call again when you connect shared lines to your business number. Customers will benefit from the increased ability to have their needs addressed and your business’s reputation for trustworthiness and reliability will grow.

Advantages and Benefits of Shared Lines:

Incoming calls can be answered from any of your connected devices.
  • Any phone in the company can pick up the call, allowing your employees to tend to customer concerns and other urgent matters quickly. Whichever phone is most convenient at any given time can be used to answer.
  • Minimize missed calls and the need to return voicemail messages. Any available employee near a phone can pick up the call.
  • Have as many shared lines as you require to suit the needs of your business. Whether you merely need to share your phone line between several phones on the floor, or you require many connected phones throughout your building, Call Ocean can get you set up properly.
Simple usage without learning a complex system.
  • Call Ocean’s shared lines system is simple and intuitive. It seamlessly integrates with how your phone operates.
  • There is no need to transfer calls. All phones with the shared lines feature activated share the same phone number, so a needed party can merely answer the call from another line.
  • Incoming phone calls can be answered by anyone after a simple demonstration, so you can quickly train any employee without having to explain a complicated, error-prone system.
Allows for a better workflow among suitable businesses. 
  • Businesses such as retail and grocery stores benefit from having one phone number that can be answered on multiple phones by multiple employees. Increase the efficiency of your business communication and reduce your phone costs by implementing shared lines.
  • Shared lines not only presents a streamlined image of your company and allows for maximum convenience in answering incoming calls, but is also less expensive than having multiple phone lines. Many small businesses have no need for more than one phone line.
  • Shared lines are often used by businesses alongside paging capabilities to maximize productivity and keep contact among floor staff, no matter each individual is located throughout the building.

Shared Lines Details and F.A.Q.s: