Paging gives you the ability to send one-way communication in an efficient manner.

Paging gives you the ability to reach out to any employee on site quickly. The feature can be used to broadcast announcements over both IP phones and compatible overhead paging devices. Communicate important information efficiently to whole groups, or catch the attention of someone without having to search for them. You can make announcements on the fly or locate a needed individual fast.

By integrating all of your communication methods into one streamlined system, you will improve the efficiency and productivity of your business as a whole. Used for years by businesses such as retail centers, paging helps foster a system open communication is essential. Paging can be a helpful part of this system. Whether your business currently has separate paging services, or you’ve never implemented them before, it has the potential to become a staple of your company’s communication.

Advantages and Benefits of Paging:

Save time by communicating information relevant to many individuals as a group.

  • Paging is a useful tool in environments with many workers on the floor, including retail establishments and warehouses. Call Ocean’s paging services can be integrated into overhead paging devices.
  • Instantly get your message across without having to contact multiple individuals. Communicate important information to some or all parties on site at the same time.
  • Pages are most useful when information needs to be communicated without needing two-way communication. If you need to send an employee to a specific location or request their presence in your office, paging can quickly communicate that information.

Send pages directly from your location.

  • With Call Ocean’s integrated paging feature, you don’t have to interrupt your current activity when you need to communicate important information or catch the attention of a specific member of your team.
  • Messages go out to either specific phones or to the entire staff, depending on your needs and the setup of your phone system.
  • Whether you need to gather a group of employees for an impromptu meeting on the floor, or communicate emergency information, paging is a valuable tool for many businesses.

Send important information and announcements immediately.

  • Paging allows you to make urgent announcements via both phone devices and your overhead paging system quickly. In emergencies and urgent situations, paging is the most efficient way to communicate information to your entire team fast.
  • Paging groups are another feature that allows you to delegate a specific group of devices to receive pages. This could mean hard phones in an area of your building or a subset of employees. Paging groups can be created or deleted from your account at your discretion.
  • Paging is also an easy way to provide helpful information to customers in businesses such as retail stores. Sending a page with information about a sale, for example, is an unobtrusive way to let customers know beneficial information.

Paging Details and F.A.Q.s:

Does paging cost an additional fee?

No, paging is one of the many perks of Call Ocean’s regular VoIP packages for businesses.

Can my mobile device receive pages?

No, receiving pages is a feature that is limited to desk phones and certain native IP paging devices.

What is the difference between the paging and intercom features?

Paging and intercom services do share some similarities, with both being staples of the business world. However, there are some crucial differences. Paging is a form of one-way communication that is useful for communicating a quick message to a group or when the recipient doesn’t need to respond directly to the message. Intercoms offer two-way communication so that the recipient of the initial message can directly respond for clarification or to confirm receipt.