We understand you’ve had the same phone number for years. Now you want a better VOIP phone service with Call Ocean but you want to keep your existing phone number. Good news, with Call Ocean you can do that.

Here are some tips for a smooth number transfer to our network:

  • The number(s) must be active and in working order. Transfer requests for numbers that have been disconnected or cancelled automatically gets rejected.
  • The number(s) should not be scheduled for cancellation. Existing carriers do not allow port requests due to pending change status.
  • Your information must match exactly what’s on record with your current phone service provider. Keep in mind that Billing and Service address/names can be different.

Here are a few things you’ll need to start transfer process:

  • A recent phone bill, signed on an empty space. (Make sure it’s less than 30 days old).
  • Your service address. This is the address where your phone phones are. This may not be the same as your billing address.
  • Your main Billing Number Look for it on your bill, if you are not sure enter the one you most commonly use and advertise.
  • List of existing numbers to transfer over and the ones you want to leave with old provider. e.g numbers for your credit card/POS machine.
  • Name of the account holder who is authorized to make changes to the account.
  • Name of the Company

Number Transfer Details and F.A.Qs:

How long does it take for transferring existing phone number?

It usually takes 15-30 business days to transfer your number, however the process is often faster. Up on providing accurate information, your transfer process can result in success at first attempt.

When should I cancel my current phone service?

We recommend that you wait until the transfer of your existing number is completed. You can check your transfer process from the control panel, or by contacting us.

What if my transfer request gets rejected?

We will let you know what was the reason of the existing carrier rejected our request and will ask you to correct the information or account status.

How can I know if my existing number is eligible for a transfer?

You can check that from your control panel under Transferring Existing Phone Number section

If you are not sure that your number(s) meet all the conditions, please contact your current provider and contact our technical support for more information on transferring your existing phone number to Call Ocean.