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Give your business a local identity by choosing Call Ocean to provide you with a local number.

Struggling with overpriced communication services that don’t support the way you do business? Discover the advantages provided by Call Ocean’s business VoIP service over traditional, expensive landlines with poor service. Take the hassle out of communication services. Get a local number supported by Call Ocean’s cloud-based service, where the needs of your budget and your business meet.

Advantages and Benefits of Local Numbers:

Forge your hometown identity.
  • Expand your reach and build a strong presence in your neighborhood. A local number allows you to be accessible to anyone in your area. Improve your customer’s trust by showing them that you’re local.
  • Choose from one of Call Ocean’s flexible price plans to select the service that fits your budget.
  • Allow an open line of communication and improve collaboration with 60+ features that can be custom-tailored to your business needs, whether you have 5 employees or 500.
Appear local no matter where your offices are.
  • Call Ocean allows you to obtain a local number anywhere in the U.S, even if you don’t have an office in that area.
  • Improve your company’s credibility by appearing close to home.
Affordable, feature-packed local calling for your business.
  • One number affords you voice calling, fax, and SMS service through our powerful VoIP service.
  • Small businesses benefit from a local number to encourage communication. Local customers can reach you easily when they need information or services.
  • Enjoy significantly lower prices than landlines with more features like voicemail boxes, conference calling, and call routing.

Local Numbers Details and F.A.Q.s:

How long does it take to start using the number?
  • You can purchase a local number from Call Ocean Control Panel and start using it in less than a minute. Your number will start working immediately.
Can I have more than one local number?
  • Yes, you can have as many local numbers as your company needs.
Does my business have to have a local address to get a local number?
  • No. Call Ocean allows you to choose from area codes all across the U.S. without having to have a local address in that city.
Should I get a local number or a toll-free number?
  • If most of your clients are directly in your business’s vicinity, a local number is a great option. If, however, calling you would be considered long distance for a significant portion of your customers, you may want to consider a toll-free number instead.
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