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International Calling

Call Ocean’s international calling services make sending and receiving business calls around the world easy and affordable.

With the wrong service provider, international calling can result in skyrocketing phone bills. Many business owners hesitate to communicate regularly with their overseas clients for this reason. Don’t let expensive rates and fees prohibit you from maintaining contact with customers overseas. With Call Ocean’s international calling services, you can keep the lines of communication open no matter where your client base resides. Don’t spend another dime on expensive international calling charges. Hurry over to Call Ocean to take advantage of the many benefits of our VoIP services. The clear call quality of our international calling services allow you to be heard overseas without any disruptions. Never feel the need to cut an important call short for fear of the bill you will receive. International calls are billed per minute, so you only pay for what you use, never more. Call Ocean offers a variety of plans that allow you to customize the international calling services you choose to meet the needs of your business. Whether you own a large cooperation with offices around the globe, or a small local business that wants to extend its reach oversees, Call Ocean has the perfect international VoIP solution. Contact our customer service team today to learn more or to enable international calling on your plan.

Advantages and Benefits of International Calling:

Communicate with clients all over the world without leaving your home office.
  • In our global economy, keeping it touch and maintaining communication with customers in different countries is crucial to the growth and success of many businesses.
  • Expand the reach of your business without having to maintain a physical office in another country. In fact, you won’t ever have to set foot in a country in order to appear local.
  • Call Ocean offers a cost-effective way of staying accessible to your international customers when they need to ask questions or contact you. Don’t cause potential customers to turn to the competition because your business is not readily available.
Stop worrying about expensive international phone bills when you rely on Call Ocean’s affordably priced services.
  • If fears about high charges have stopped you from keeping communication with your international client base, let Call Ocean put those worries to rest.
  • Call Ocean offers up-front pricing with no hidden fees or sneaky charges. You’ll know exactly what costs you’ll incur when contacting different countries.
  • Follow a simple process to dial numbers in many different countries, using their specific country codes.
Select local or toll-free numbers for 50 countries.
  • You can provide customers all over the globe with the experience of speaking to company that feels local. Your number displays as a local one for the person on the other end.
  • Choose from either toll-free calling or local calling. The choice is up to you and what fits your business the best. In certain countries, local calls are free to make and dial, providing additional savings for you and the customer.
  • Simply contact Call Ocean to determine current calling rates. Call Ocean’s VoIP services are competitively priced and affordable.

International Calling Details and F.A.Q.s:

What countries are included?
  • Call Ocean provides affordable international calling services to over 50 countries, using either a local or toll-free number. Contact Call Ocean for a current list of supported countries and their codes.
How do I place an international call?
  • It’s easy. Simply dial 011, then the country code, and finally the phone number. Call Ocean can provide you with a list of country codes.
Are there any hidden fees?
  • No. At Call Ocean, what you see is what you get. All of the charges for your active services will be explained to you up front, so there are never any surprises on your bill.
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