Reach out to anyone on your staff for instant communication right from your location.

Businesses have been using intercom systems for decades, but Call Ocean advances this useful feature by integrating it with our other VoIP calling features. Call Ocean’s intercom feature is intuitive and designed for immediate communication. An intercom allows you to quickly reach anyone at your business without having to interrupt your current activity or theirs.

The intercom feature allows for easy, hands-free communication between busy employees. Any phone in your office equipped with this feature can be utilized to speak directly with any other intercom-enabled phone. No more getting up from your desk or interrupting your important activities to contact a relevant coworker. Simply use your desk phone’s intercom key to connect with the relevant extension in your building. Inform an employee of a visitor or request additional information about a client, all without interrupting your current work.

Call Ocean’s intercom feature is one of many services offered to make your business communication run more smoothly and efficiently. By integrating all of the ways you communicate, you’ll maximize your office’s productivity and foster an environment of open communication.

Advantages and Benefits of Intercom

Immediate communication between employees in any office setting.
  • Use your desk phone to contact employees fast, no matter where they are located. Announce calls, request someone’s presence at a specific location, or communicate urgent information with just a button press.
  • Employees can be contacted anywhere as long as they are present in the office. Calls are automatically answered with the speakerphone activated so that the party is question doesn’t have to interrupt what they’re doing, unlike other forms of communication.
  • The party in question has the ability to respond to a ping with a button press so you can ensure that your request was received. Unlike emails and text messages, you’ll know that you have made contact right away.
A useful addition to an overall integrated business communication system.
  • Call Ocean’s intercom feature is not only free, but also easy to configure from your online account. Any hard phone in your office that is VoIP compatible can be equipped with this service.
  • Increase the overall productivity and efficiency of your office by integrating intercom services. Direct communication eliminates wasted time.
  • Many businesses already use an intercom service as part of their daily routine. Call Ocean’s intercom service allows helps streamline your communication, saving money and eliminating additional steps.

Useful as a security tool for any of your building’s access points.

  • An intercom can be an effective form of access control when used to guard specific areas of your business. It can be part of a more extensive system or merely used to guard your business’s entrance.
  • Replace the need for an expensive key card system by restricting access with an intercom-enabled hard phone. A simple button press will connect those wishing to enter with the needed party to grant access.
  • Protect your front entrance or off-limits parts of your building. Intercom features can be a helpful adjunct to other security systems, such as CCTV surveillance.

Intercom Details and F.A.Q.s: