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Individual or Shared Voicemail Boxes

Call Ocean individual or shared voicemail boxes keep you connected and ensure that you never miss an important message again.

Voicemail – it’s been around for a long time at this point, and its value has been proven beyond doubt. However, Call Ocean’s individual or shared voicemail boxes give you the benefit of never missing an important message coupled with important new advancements that deliver even greater value.

Our system offers voicemail boxes for individuals, departments, teams, collaborative efforts and more – configuration is simple and it has never been easier to ensure that everyone is in the loop. Have a new message? You can check it online through your account, or you can opt to have them delivered as .mp3 files if you prefer. We can even transform them into text if you’d rather read the message.

Best of all? There’s no maximum message length, so your callers can give all the details. Your messages will be saved for a full three months, too, unless you manually delete them. Learn more about Call Ocean individual or shared voicemail boxes.

Advantages and Benefits of Individual or Shared Voicemail boxes:

Never miss an important message from a customer, team member, or other stakeholder again.
  • You can choose to have message notifications delivered to any device – your smartphone, or your desk phone for instance.
  • You’re never out of message storage space, so you can save those important messages while ensuring that your callers can always leave a new one.
  • Our cloud-based individual or shared voicemail boxes work with all systems so there’s never a worry about compatibility.
Your messages delivered your way to ensure that you can always get important information and updates.
  • Check your messages in the way that fits your needs best – online, on your smartphone, through your email and more with our individual or shared voicemail boxes.
  • Have messages delivered to your email in text format in situations where it is inconvenient or impossible to listen to audio.
  • Our handy preview feature allows you to get an idea of the nature of the message before you delve into the full thing, saving time and helping avoid automated messages.
Personalize greetings or use our automated voices if you prefer.
  • Easily customize the voicemail greeting for individual or shared voicemail boxes.
  • Ensure that your caller always knows whose mailbox they’re using to help reduce the potential of leaving a message at the wrong number.
  • Use your own voice, or hire professional voice talent to record the greeting that will be played for callers.

Individual or Shared Voicemail Box Details and FAQs:

Am I limited to a particular type of device or number of devices when it comes to checking my voicemail?
  • No, you can check your voicemail anytime, anywhere, with any device you might want. You can use your smartphone, or you can log in through your desktop computer. You can use your desk phone, or check your voicemail via a tablet computer. It’s simple and hassle-free.
Can I forward a message from my voicemail to someone else’s voicemail box?
  • Yes, you can. With Call Ocean individual or shared voicemail boxes, forwarding a message is a simple process that just requires pressing a button in your voicemail account. The message will be forwarded to the person you specify as an .mp3 email attachment.
Is your call transcription accurate?
  • While we use advanced voice-to-text software, there are factors that can cause inaccuracies. For instance, if your caller fails to enunciate properly, if the call quality is poor, or there is substantial background noise, errors could result.
Will my voicemail messages be automatically deleted?
  • Yes, your messages will be automatically deleted after three months.
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