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Extra Secure Cloud VoIP Service

Simplify the way your business handles communication with secure, reliable, all-in-one VoIP service from Call Ocean.

With Call Ocean’s cloud-based VoIP service, you’ll experience uninterrupted communication that operates on a secure connection. Never cut the conversation short for fear of who is intercepting your confidential information. Trust in our highly secure VoIP service to handle your entire range of communication needs, not just voice calls. Eliminate your old, outdated landline and streamline your office communication to better support the growth of your small or mid-sized business.

Not only will your connection be secure at all times, but consistently reliable. As long as your system is connected to the internet, you’ll have service. Unlike landlines, your phones won’t go down. Your employees can utilize the devices that they already prefer, while displaying a seamless business presence to your clients and collaborators. Whether your employees all work in the same office, or operate as satellites around the world, cloud-based VoIP from Call Ocean can bring you together. Manage all of your incoming and outgoing communications from any device you choose on one online account.

Call Ocean’s VoIP phone service delivers crystal clear quality every time, as well as an extensive selection of integrated features to optimize the way your business communicates. Call, text, conference, or fax from one simple business number, which can have as many extensions as you need. As your business grows, Call Ocean’s functionality can grow with you, by allowing you to customize the features and services you require at any time. Choose our VoIP solutions to serve the needs of your small to mid-sized business, and you’ll maximize your productivity and cost-savings while expanding your reach.

Advantages and Benefits of Extra Secure Cloud VoIP Service:

Transmit necessary information with confidence, knowing that all of your business communications are secure.
  • Since data is transmitted over an encrypted internet connection, it’s protected from unwanted interception. Feel secure in knowing that you can share and collaborate freely without fear of prying eyes and ears.
  • Since more and more businesses are utilizing text messaging as their main source of communication, Call Ocean provides unlimited business SMS that is equally as protected as our telephony network.
  • Call Ocean’s fax service allows you to send confidential documents no matter where you are. No more waiting to rush back to the office to send a fax.
Enjoy uninterrupted reliability from our always-on VoIP service.
  • Wherever you have internet service, you can make and receive calls, send business SMS, receive and send faxes, and more. Call Ocean’s network features continuous monitoring behind the scenes to ensure your connection is never interrupted and that the system is maintained.
  • Make the most out of your internet connection while eliminating the need for a separate phone line.
  • Even during storms and power outages, your communications will be saved for you in the cloud. You’ll never miss an important voicemail or message, as any incoming communication will be safely stored until service resumes.
One streamlined service gives you all the communication tools you need for voice calls, business SMS, faxing, and more.
  • The call quality of Call Ocean’s VoIP services hold up to that of landlines. Calls come through clearly without static or interruptions. Get your message across without struggling to be heard.
  • Instead of having your communications scattered throughout different applications, everything is controlled from one account that updates consistently across all of your attached devices. Respond to voicemails and manage messages from multiple devices.
  • Setup is easy and intuitive, and can usually be completed for an entire office in a day. No technicians necessary. Upgrades can also be managed directly by you from your account. There are no phone lines to run or mandatory devices to buy.

Extra Secure Cloud VoIP Details and F.A.Q.s:

Are there any hidden charges or maintenance fees?
  • Never. All charges are provided on one itemized monthly bill, so you’ll know exactly what to expect with no unpleasant surprises.
Can I customize the services on my plan?
  • Of course! While Call Ocean offers basic packages with certain standard features, you can choose the additional features that would benefit your business, such as international calling support. Features can be added or removed at any time by contacting Call Ocean’s 24/7 customer support team.
How do I know if my current internet connection supports VoIP service?
  • You can do a speed test here. Call Ocean can help you determine whether your internet connection will support our VoIP service. Most customers with broadband internet are supported. Contact our customer service team, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for assistance.
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