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Dial-By-Name Directory

Call Ocean’s dial-by-name directory helps ensure your customers connect with the right person every time.

Call Ocean’s dial-by-name directory helps take the confusion out of contacting the right team or staff member. An automated voice answers the call and prompts your customer for the name of the person they’re calling. They then simply use the keypad on their phone to enter the first or last name into the dial-by-name directory. The automated voice reads the name back to the caller and provides the extension, ensuring that your customer can contact the right person immediately, with no hassle and no fuss. You don’t even have to stick with our pre-recorded options – it’s a snap to record your own! Ready to learn more about how to add dial-by-directory functionality to your business? Get in touch with us today.

Advantages and Benefits of Call Ocean’s Dial-by-Name Directory:

Our dial-by-name directory comes fully automated so you only need to set up the directory itself, which saves you time and hassle.
  • Reduce costs associated with setup and configuration without sacrificing quality or the benefits offered by our dial-by-name system.
  • Full automation ensures that you can hit the ground running and your customers are never left in the dark.
  • Setting up the directory requires almost no time or effort – simply plug in the names and extensions of your team members and the system does the rest.
Your customers can search by first or last name, and they only need to enter the first few letters of the name in most cases to be connected by the dial-by-name directory system.
  • Never lose another customer call because they couldn’t remember the extension of the team member they were trying to contact.
  • Your customers simply enter the first few letters of the team member’s name via their phone’s keypad – it even works on smartphones without physical buttons.
  • Our dial-by-name directory even helps connect customers who may not remember the full name of the team member they’re calling.
Customize your dial-by-name directory with your own voice(s) to personalize the experience or to build on your existing brand, or use our automated system for simplicity and time savings.
  • Customization is simple and requires just a little bit of time to record your own voice or voices.
  • Our automated computer-generated voices are clear and understandable, ensuring fewer lost calls and better customer satisfaction.
  • Build on an existing brand or on a marketing campaign’s success with custom voice recording capabilities.

Dial-by-Name Directory Details and FAQs:

Does it cost more to record my own voice rather than use the pre-existing computer generated voices in the dial-by-name directory?
  • No, it does not cost anything extra on our end – we offer this feature at no additional cost. However, you may incur fees if you hire voice talent.
Do callers have to search by first and last name when they reach the Call Ocean dial-by-name directory?
  • No, you can configure the system to your preferences, allowing your callers to type in either the first or last name. It does not have to be both.
Does the number listed for an individual within the directory have to be a landline in my physical business location?
  • You’re free to use the number for any device. Have a mobile rep you want to list? Use her cell phone number. Have a remote team member you need listed? Use his remote landline number.
Do I have to list all of my team members in the directory?
  • You’re free to include or exclude any team members you want. It takes just a click of the mouse within the setup process. You can also remove names and extensions just as easily later on.
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