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Caller ID Control

Manage your outgoing and incoming Caller ID to allow your business proper recognition.

Project your business identity to the world by taking advantage of Call Ocean’s customizable outbound Caller ID, one of many features we offer that can make your business communication run a little more smoothly. Nearly all devices equipped for making and receiving calls have Caller ID built in. By taking the steps to ensure that your business is properly identified, you’ll reduce the risk of calls being ignored and increase your company’s appearance of professionalism.

Robocalls and other forms of voice pollution are at an all-time high. It’s estimated that most phone lines receive anywhere from 5-10 of these calls per day. That’s a significant amount of time wasted. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Call Ocean can help you reduce these distractions by providing you with built-in caller ID services that can be controlled via your account portal.

With traditional landlines, changing your Caller ID information can be a hassle. You never know how long a submitted change will take before it is processed. Not with Call Ocean. Your Caller ID information will be updated immediately. It’s just one of the many perks of our VoIP service for business customers.

Advantages and Benefits of Caller ID Control:

Customize how you want your outgoing caller ID to appear to those on the other end.
  • In your control panel, you can set up exactly how you want your business’s outbound Caller ID to appear to other phones.
  • It’s important that your business is properly identified to those you’re calling. Let call recipients know it’s you to prevent having your calls unnecessarily screened or ignored. This could lead to wide-reaching repercussions, such as lost sales, over time.
  • Corrections or changes to Caller ID information are made immediately upon being received, so inaccurate information doesn’t bog you down. Much faster than corrections submitted to a landline service, which can take months.
  • Choose the outbound Caller ID information you want displayed not only for your main line, but extensions as well. Customize the information of individual extensions to better serve call recipients and communication within your business.
Manage how calls are responded to, based on Caller ID information.
  • Important callers can be identified immediately and dealt with appropriately. Depending on the features of the device you’re using, calls can be routed to other extensions, sent to voicemail, and more.
  • In business, every second matters. Cutting down unnecessary time-wasters is vital to increasing productivity. Using Caller ID, you can prevent time lost in answering annoying, pointless robocalls.
  • If necessary, you can screen phone calls while gathering the relevant information from the caller. Use this information to block numbers that are causing a problem.
Caller ID shows up no matter what device you’re using for calls.
  • Inbound Caller ID will display, no matter what device you’re using when a call comes in, including your desktop, your mobile phone, or your VoIP-enabled desk phone. Nearly all devices are equipped to display Caller ID properly.
  • See all missed calls so that you have the information needed to return them. Benefit from a log of received calls if you need to find a phone number or track a series of calls.

Caller ID Control Details and F.A.Q.s:

Does it cost money to customize Caller ID?
  • No. It’s a free feature of Call Ocean’s VoIP packages, and is included as part of the voice calling service.
Is Caller ID only available for local numbers?
  • Yes, Caller ID is a feature that’s only available for local numbers. Toll-free numbers will display as such to the receiver of the call..
Is there a way to keep my company’s identifying information private?
  • If, instead of displaying your business’s name, you would prefer for whatever reason to keep it private, you can submit a request to customer support to have your company’s information left off of the Caller ID.
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